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Pétition Fête de l'été's posters

Pour:IBDM Direction

To lab council members and whom it may concern,

As researchers, we all agree that having instances where to share our work with others is not just enjoyable but also an essential component of the scientific endeavour. Other important elements of this are intra-Institute interactions and scientific animation, which allow us to share our excitement and further improve the quality of our research. We do, however, also believe in the critical importance of social events such as the fete de l’ete to foster the sense of an IBDM community.

While we value the initiative of having a poster session, we fail to see why it has to take place during the fete de l’ete (a social gathering), or why it has to be restricted to PhD students and postdocs. If the lack of “IBDM days” every other year is perceived as a problem, then a specific event involving PhD students, postdocs and all IBDM personnel giving talks/posters could be organised at some point during the year, hopefully considering input from all parties involved.

For the specific case of the fete de l’ete, as the concerned group we would have liked to at least have been consulted before a mandatory presentation was put in place. In addition, we consider that giving 3 weeks of notice is not enough time since not everyone has an old poster to reuse, and putting a poster together takes a significant amount of time and effort that is hard to plan for just 3 weeks in advance.

We look forward to an open and transparent discussion on the subject (particularly , like the session we had with people’s ideas/comments in last year’s Journees IBDM.

The student body

Les signataires

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